Selecting a Monitor Recycler

Monitor recycling and monitor disposal is a high profile initiative as new e-waste laws and CRT (cathode ray tube) landfill bans are being passed throughout the United States and internationally. Federal lawmakers and the EPA are closely watching how monitor recycling and monitor disposal is being managed by recycling stewards.

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Monitor Recycling and Disposal

2trg responsibly handles hazardous materials contained in cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors in compliance with environmental regulations and does not export these materials to developing countries.

Unfortunately, the disparity between the developed and developing world has made it more cost effective to ship CRT-containing products to developing countries. Exporting of CRTs is a huge environmental problem. CRTs contain toxic screen phosphors and, on average, more than 6 lbs. of lead. Once exported, the valuable copper yoke is extracted and the hazardous lead component of the broken glass is dumped in the environment.

2trg has addressed this global problem of CRT monitor recycling and CRT monitor disposal with the installation of a state-of-the-art piece of machinery for the disposal of waste cathode ray tubes and CRT glass processing.  The machinery consists of the CRT Angel and the Glass Devil.  The CRT Angel is touted as “the most efficient, cost-effective and WEEE ('Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment'- a European standard) compliant CRT disposal machine in the world today." The companion machine, the Glass Devil, turns the waste glass from the CRT into a clean product ready for reuse that satisfies the stringent specifications of vendors who reuse the material in the manufacturing of other products. Keep your monitors out of the landfills by recycling with 2trg.  

Angel Devil

Our CRT Heaven equipment saves the planet by:

  • Preventing hazardous waste from entering municipal solid waste landfills
  • Saving valuable landfill space
  • Providing alternatives to illegal export of waste.
  • Reducing strip mining since recycled CRT computer monitors can be used as a safe source of lead as well as other precious metals found in circuit boards, steel, and the yolk.