Ballast Recycling

2trg provides ballast recycling services at its Cincinnati, Ohio and Louisville, Kentucky facilities.

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Lighting Ballast Recycling Services

2trg plays a vital role in keeping our environment free of the unnecessary contaminants associated with spent lighting ballasts. We provide nationwide PCB, DEHP and electronic ballast recycling solutions.

PCB Hazards

Reactive lighting ballasts manufactured prior to the year 1980 used a dielectric fluid for insulation and cooling that contains Polychlorinated Biphenyls, commonly called PCBs. PCBs are classified as a known human carcinogen that have been related to birth defects and other adverse heath effects. Many municipal landfill sites are not designed to contain pollutants such as PCBs.

DEHP Hazards

After 1980, a "non-PCB" alternative known as di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate, commonly called DEHP, became the standard for use as the dielectric fluid. While DEHP has a low lethal toxicity, studies have shown that it can affect certain organs in low concentrations. DEHP is a known hazardous substance. Landfilling DEHP lighting ballasts potentially exposes you to Superfund liability.

Reactive Lighting Ballast Alternative

An alternative to the reactive lighting ballast, the electronic lighting ballast utilizes solid-state electronic circuitry to provide the proper starting and operating conditions needed by fluorescent lamps. Electronic lighting ballasts can be integrated with, or separate from the actual lamp. Integrated electronic ballasts are commonly found on mogul base compact fluorescent lamps that are finding widespread use in commercial as well as residential lighting applications.

Packing, Shipping and Storing Lighting Ballasts

Package large quantities of spent lighting ballasts in 55-gallon steel drums. Smaller quantities can be packaged in smaller steel/poly drums or buckets. 2trg can provide an assortment of packing materials for your spent lighting ballasts. 2trg can even provide on-site storage solutions.

Note: Clearly mark your shipping container as PCB, DEHP, or electronic ballasts. Leaking ballasts should be individually wrapped and separated from non-leaking ballasts.

Please note that 2trg Geneva does not currently accept lighting ballasts for recycling.