Selecting a Light Bulb Recycler

Light bulb recycling and light bulb disposal, sometimes called spent lamp recycling and spent lamp disposal, is an important element of environmental responsibility. As more people become aware of the hazardous contents of fluorescent light bulbs, they increasingly look for earth-friendly methods of disposal.

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Light Bulb Recycling and Disposal

2trg provides light bulb recycling and disposal services, ensuring proper handling and packaging, which prevents unnecessary landfill waste and potential hazards to the environment.

Lights Accepted for Recycling

  • Fluorescent Tubes (all lengths and diameters)
  • Plastic Coated and Shattershield
  • Compact Fluorescent
  • Circular Fluorescent
  • U-Bend Fluorescent
  • Ultra Violet (UV)
  • Flood Lamps
  • Incandescent
  • Halogen
  • Neon
  • High Intensity Discharge (Bi-Metal, Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium)
  • Lighting Ballasts  

(If you have lamps for recycling not included on this list, please call 1.888.263.0888.)

Mercury is a key element in energy-efficient lighting.  While there is no direct risk to the end user, health and environmental risks are associated with its disposal. Consequently, 2trg utilizes proper light bulb recycling processes to dispose of these lamps in a responsible manner by partnering with an EPA certified company for light bulb disposal. This facility has been inspected by 2trg which requires comprehensive, rigorous standards to be maintained as a recycling partner.

Packing, Shipping and Storing Your Lamps

2trg can also accommodate your intact lighting fixtures. There is no need to dismantle your fixtures – 2trg can pick them up "as is." Call us to discuss proper packaging at 1.888.263.0888.

Many options are available for you to get your spent lamps and ballasts to our recycling facilities. Smaller quantities can be easily managed using your preferred carrier like UPS or Fed Ex. We can also accommodate weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and yearly bulk pickup schedules. Contact your nearest 2trg facility today to arrange your shipment.

Please note that 2trg Geneva does not currently accept light bulbs for recycling.