Safe, Responsible, and Easy

“This is my second interaction with 2trg and both experiences have been very positive. Personnel have been professional, prompt and helpful. I will continue to use 2trg and I am pleased that your environmentally friendly company exists.”

– Don Jansen, Ohio Valley Orthopaedics

2trg is a certified electronics recycler. We specialize in the environmentally safe, legally compliant, and socially responsible recycling and processing of computers, monitors, hard drives, televisions, light bulbs, and other electronic waste.

All of our recycling carries the assurance of EPA compliance and the highest level of security. View a detailed list of what we accept for recycling. Please note that 2trg Geneva does not accept ballasts, batteries, or light bulbs.

2trg makes recycling easy with its convenient pickup service. 2trg drivers will pickup within 100 miles of Cincinnati, including Columbus and Dayton, Ohio; within 100 miles of Geneva, New York; within 100 miles of Louisville; and in selected parts of southeastern Indiana. 2trg also has the capability to pick up nationwide using a trusted logistics partner with experience packaging and transporting e-waste. Submit a pickup request to schedule a pickup of your electronics for recycling.

Technology Recycling

2trg is a certified electronics recycling company with facilities located in Cincinnati, Ohio; Geneva, New York; and Louisville, Kentucky. 2trg's Cincinnati and Geneva recycling centers are e-Stewards certified, R2 certified, ISO 14001:2004 certified and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified.

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Environmentally Safe Electronics Recycling

  • 2trg is environmentally responsible and maintains a Zero Landfill Policy. 99% of materials and products entrusted to 2trg for recycling are either refurbished, harvested for reuse or resell, or turned into usable raw materials to make other products.

Legally Compliant Electronics Recycling

The U.S. EPA and state and federal governments are more closely tracking the disposal practices of companies. Donation or employee purchase options are becoming less attractive alternatives because the liability for environmental hazards may fall back on the company with penalties applied against all involved parties. 

The safest way to protect your organization is to partner with a legally compliant electronics recycler like 2trg. As demonstrated by our certifications, we are committed to following “Best Practices” and using only the safest methods to recycle your equipment. That’s why 2trg is trusted by hundreds of organizations and Fortune 500 companies to provide safe, risk-free electronics recycling. 

Call us at 1.888.263.0888 to learn more about 2trg's electronics recycling services.