e-Waste Recycling Events

2trg partners with local businesses, municipalities, and organizations to provide e-waste collection and recycling services for their employees and local residents.  Allow us to use our 7+ years of experience organizing electronics recycling collection events to set up a recycling drive at your facility.

Successful Past Events

  • 2trg Cincinnati helped Hamilton County recycle 204 tons of computers and televisions from residents in 2011.
  • 2trg Louisville provided recycling services for an event at AGC Automotive Americas in 2011 and helped collect over 50,000 pounds of e-waste.
  • 2trg Cincinnati helped Butler County recycle 197 tons of e-waste from residents in 2011.
  • 2trg Geneva collected 10,000 pounds of e-waste at an event at the Geneva Community Center in 2011 and raised $500 for the center.
  • 2trg Louisville collected over 30,000 pounds of e-waste at Our Lady of Lourdes Church in 2012 and raised over $1,000 for Catholic Charities.
  • 2trg Geneva collected 28,782 pounds of e-waste at two locations in Seneca County over Earth Day weekend in 2012. A portion of the proceeds were shared with Seneca GR&EEN.
  • 2trg Cincinnati collected 25,104 pounds of e-waste at Toyota (TMMK)'s SupeRecycling Event in May 2012.
Call 1.888.263.0888 to learn more about 2trg's recycling events.

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