Certified Computer and Electronics Recycling
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HIPAA, GLBA, FACTA, and PCI DSS require businesses and organizations to use secure methods for consumer data sanitization. 2trg guarantees secure hard drive recycling and disposal that destroys your proprietary data in a compliant manner. All data storage devices recycled with 2trg are destroyed.
2trg makes electronics recycling a seamless experience for national corporations as well as local businesses and residents in Cincinnati and Geneva. Call 1.888.263.0888 to arrange a pickup, or drop off your electronics at one of our recycling locations during 
The investment we made in our Angel/Devil CRT recycling equipment reiterates our promise to use environmentally safe and legally compliant electronic recycling methods to reclaim usable materials from electronic waste. See our Environmental Health & Safety Policy for 2trg's environmental, health, and safety objectives.
CBS 60 Minutes reports on illegal e-waste shipments to China. Not all recyclers operate legally, responsibly, or safely and cause hazardous working and living conditions for men, women, and children in poverty-stricken villages. 2trg's e-Stewards certification prohibits landfilling, incinerating, and exporting of hazardous electronics.